Many brands do a lot of work to earn customer trust and loyalty, and they put effort into encouraging and gathering reviews. Those reviews have to be accessible to shoppers, though, which is where Trustpilot comes in. The service lets you display your ratings on your website (as well as in your ads and even on your packaging and shop window).

Trustpilot has a lot of additional features that business owners love, too:

  • Gather reviews for products or services, and manage reviews for different branch and store locations.
  • Respond to reviews, particularly negative ones, to show your entire audience that you’re present.
  • Place reviews on individual products in your online shop to encourage purchases.
  • Use Trustpilot’s Review Insights to identify trends, positive or negative, that the business can then act on.
  • Link Trustpilot to your business’ Facebook page to validate your brand on social media.
  • Highlight your favourite reviews so they’re prominent on your Facebook feed.
Furthermore, Trustpilot is in the top 1% of most-visited websites around the world.

How to Display Trustpilot Reviews on Your WordPress Website

Let’s go over how to download, install and activate the plugin, plus how to use it and how to add TrustBoxes to your site. (P.S. You don’t need anything other than the free plan to do this, so if you haven’t upgraded to a paid plan yet, you can still add your reviews to WordPress.

Installing the Trustpilot Reviews Plugin

You’ll need a Trustpilot account to log in and download the plugin. If you don’t have an account yet, you can create a free one here. You’ll need a website and an email address using your domain name to register, and an activation email will be sent to that email address.

Tips: Sometimes it might be hard for you to have Trustpilot reviews for your business. This happens for new businesses as well. This time, you can purchase some TP reviews from review sellers. There are lots of review sellers available online, such as

Once your account is set up, you can find the WordPress plugin here. Click the blue Download button to save the plugin to your computer as a zip file.

Next, log in to your WordPress dashboard. From the admin panel on the left, click Plugins, then click Add New underneath. On the top left, click the Upload Plugin button. Select the zip file, upload it and click the Install Now button. Once it’s been successfully installed, which should only take a second or two, click Activate Plugin.

Scroll down your list of plugins until you get to Trustpilot. Click the Settings link. Alternatively, you can scroll down to Trustpilot in the left sidebar of your WordPress dashboard. You’ll see this page, where you’ll need to check the box next to, “I understand and accept.” Make sure to click Confirm, too.

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