Nearly half of all aircraft are leased to worldwide commercial services. These leases give aircraft owners and operators a great deal of flexibility, which is reflected in the increase in annual aircraft turnover, which has doubled in the last five years.

What are the benefits of aircraft trading? Do you have any idea about it? If not, then you're in the right place. Here are some of the benefits you should know. So let's get started with it.

Financial matters:

Commercial aircraft associated with leases help save operating capital, but there are three more financial reasons why you might want to trade an aircraft.

Upcoming Maintenance or Repairs: As it is time for expensive maintenance events, inspections, or repairs, it may become more difficult to trade or sell your aircraft. The resale value of your aircraft offsets that maintenance cost. Trading sooner than later can help you avoid these few expenses and flight downtime.

Aircraft damage: An airline's damaged aircraft could be another star performer. If this makes financial sense, avoid the longer downtime expense for significant repairs by moving to your plane for a lower price, and move on to newer ones.

Warranty: Trading your aircraft before the warranty expires time to work through any unforeseen problems with the next owner's pre-owned aircraft. It will also be reflected in the price you get for your aircraft, which can be higher than any aircraft without a higher warranty.

Flexible flying:

Airlines' commercial aircraft can replace their fleet, increase it, or reduce excess capacity. An airline business contains changing travel patterns, economic downturns, and mission considerations. If your aircraft no longer efficiently serves your route structure, it may consider adding another type of aircraft to your fleet while trading.

Updated cabin facility:

Repeat upgrades in all cabin classes pay dividends to customers who enjoy their flight experience with your airline. Passengers want to feel that they are getting more value for their money. The bright and stylish cabins create an impression of luxury and quality that make passengers feel better, and today's flyers expect a certain level of cabin amenities like Wi-Fi or inflight entertainment systems.

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New technology:

Avionics Upgrade: It takes downtime and money to hold the latest FAA mandates. The decision to trade your current aircraft or to invest in a new, more sophisticated model may be made by its equipment or not. For example, the Automated Reliance Surveillance-Broadcasting System (ADS-B) significantly enhances security by significantly improving a pilot's situational awareness - and the equipment needed as early as January 1, 2020.

Updated Technology: As new aircraft have improved equipment, engineering, and technology, it can inform your decision to trade your current aircraft for better performance and reliability. Sometimes you can find peace by just owning a new model.

Trading with AerSale

It is impossible for two aircraft lease situations are the same. The expert AerSale lease team develops unique solutions to meet any client's operational needs, ensuring flexibility and responsive service.

AerSale customers can also count on proven guidance, personal attention, and thorough follow-up through every step of the aircraft lease transaction. The AerSale airline's flight portfolio includes both Boeing and Airbus narrow and wide-body aircraft in both passenger and freighter configurations.

Unique among aircraft leasing companies, AerSale provides internal refinement and configuration capabilities through its MRO services. As a result, customers get quick feedback on their delivery details.

Final Thoughts:

As aircraft trading is currently growing worldwide, one should have a full idea of its benefits. We have arranged our article with the benefits of aircraft trading. Hopefully with this small effort of ours you will get a full idea of its benefits and why it is growing worldwide. Thank you all.

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