Hugs are part of the body language that can show how your love relationship is going and there are 11 types of hugs.

Although many may not believe it, various personalities can be revealed through body language. Many times our behavior has a meaning and within this are hugs.

The hug is an essential act to satisfy the need to "touch" the human being. Has it happened to you? Most likely, yes, for example, that desire to hug your boyfriend every time they meet and then not wanting to let him go.

Believe it or not, they have a revealing meaning about your love relationship, so we want to share with you a list of hugs and the meaning that each one has for your relationship.

 1. Protector:

This type of hugs is mostly given by men and denotes an intention of protection towards you. The hugs are given from behind and his hands around your waist. If your boyfriend does this it means that he cares about you.

  2. The caress:

This type of hug refers to the affection that they give you with a gentle rub on the back, if you and your partner tend to love each other it means that they are important to each other.

 3. The pat:

This is very similar to the second one, with the difference that it comes with a gentle pat on the back. This type of hug is very similar to the one that two friends give each other.

If your boyfriend usually gives you these hugs, it means that the relationship is not progressing as it should. Well, it is a hug that indicates comfort, but not the complicity of a partner.

  4. Embrace with gentle dance:

This type of embrace is the meeting of two people who hold each other by the neck and waist. This denotes passion.

  5. Long

ug : It is the typical hug between two friends who see each other after a long time. It means bravery, generosity and support from the person who hugs you.

  6. Padlock hug:

It is one of the strongest hugs you can receive and it will probably take your breath away. This gesture means that your boyfriend does not want to lose you and that you are the most important thing in his life.

 7. Hug in the air:

It is in which you are suspended in the air while he keeps you hugged, this is good because it means that they have a good relationship and trust.

  8. Bridge hug:

They are short hugs and maintain a distance between the two, the only part of the body that collides is the shoulders, this may mean that you have a distant reaction.

 9. Looks in the eye:

These hugs are accompanied by looks and it means that you have a noble and intense relationship.

 10. Rag doll:

They are another type of strong hug, in this case the person who is hugged tends to relax and allow himself to be hugged as if he were a doll. Even if you seem cute, this can show the imbalance of a relationship.

  1 1. Pickpocket hug:

Nothing less than those hugs that end with the hands in the back pockets of the couple. This means that you have a calm and simple relationship.

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